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10 Common Blog Post Writing Mistakes To Avoid

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Writing a blog post can be a great way to share your thoughts and ideas with the world, but it’s not always easy to get it right. There are many common writing mistakes that can undermine the effectiveness of your blog post and make it boring for readers. In this article, we will discuss the 10 most common writing mistakes to avoid when writing a blog post.

It’s necessary to keep your target audience and reader in mind before starting writing. All you need to do is to write something which is well related to your reader’s interest and is easy to understand. Many new and even experienced writers commit these mistakes while writing and fail to get the desired outcome of their content. Here are those common writing mistakes to avoid for getting the best results from your content. 


Common Mistakes To Avoid While Writing a Blog Post:

1. Not having a Clear Purpose:

It is crucial and important to select what you want to achieve from your blog post. What are the problems you are going to offer solutions to in your content? What takeaways do you want your reader to have after reading your content? What is your purpose for writing.? 

All these questions will help you to set a clear and achievable goal and purpose for your writing. Always remember, don’t start writing without having a clear purpose.

2: Not Researching Your Topic:

Research is fundamental for writing any piece of content for blog posts, it is like the main job in the whole process. I follow one principle and recommend this to you, “More you research. Easy you write”. Put 80% of your efforts into research and 20% into writing and other steps. 

The research allows you to understand your topic, voice, tone, your audience, pain points, and solution to their pain point. When you know the pain paint of your prospect, you can perform better and write value-providing content for your readers.

3: Poor Structure:

Poorly structured content can be boring to the reader. It is necessary to keep a smooth flow of content from the introduction to the conclusion. Gradually increase your flow of information into the main body of content, and then end with revamping all the information in the conclusion part. 

This will never make your reader feel bored with your writing. It’s a process of writing interesting information step by step into the blog post, so the reader can better understand. 

Here are the 3 main parts of a blog post.  

  1. Introduction

Use your introduction section to grab the attention of your reader and make them interested in reading more. You can simply do this by asking a personalized question, sharing a story, or mentioning a shocking fact. This will hook them immediately and awaken their curiosity for the full read.  

  1. Body

The body part is the main information hub, you should organize it into several headings and subheadings. This will make it easy for you to cover the topic in-depth, and organize the information in a better way. 

Keep in mind, the body is the part where you should add your main information and maximum details of your topic. 

  1. Conclusion

The conclusion should be written as the overview and closing of the blog post. You can shortly summarize the main points and message of your content in the conclusion part. Don’t make it too lengthy or too short. 

The recommended word count for the conclusion part is between 100 and 200 words for a blog post of 1000/2000 words. But you can extend it depending on the total word count of your article or blog post. 

4: Using Complicated Language:

Most writers think that using difficult words or fancy phrases can make their content more attractive. But it’s not true. Complicated language can make your blog post hard to read and understand. Always use simple and easy sentences to convey your message effectively. 

You can use synonyms for hard words to achieve the best readability score. There are several free tools available with a huge vocabulary like Thesaurus , Wordtune, and quilbot to find the best synonyms of difficult words. You can check some other useful tools in this article Best Tools For Content Writers.

5: Not Using Proper H1 and H2:

Not a single reader likes to read a bunch of text written in only one long paragraph. Also, it doesn’t look professional. To avoid this, break down your topic into several headings and subheadings. Create an outline for your blog post before you start writing. This will allow you to convey the information in a natural flow without any breaks. 

Also, it’s necessary for SEO optimization of content. Proper formatting helps search engines to understand the structure of blog posts and information written to evaluate the quality of content.  

6: Not Using Images:

One of the most important writing mistakes to avoid is not using images in your blog post. As it is proven that visuals are more likely to be liked than text. Studies have also proven that content with images is more appealing to readers than text-only content. You should include high-quality and related images in your blog post to make it more engaging. 

Always use high-quality and optimized images for your blog post. You can simply optimize by reducing size, renaming the image to your keywords, and adding tags into the tags section of the image in JPG format. You can download free and stock images from Shutterstock, Pixaby, Freepik, and Unsplash. Also, you can create your own visuals with hundreds of free templates available in Canva, which is my favorite.

7: Not Editing and Proofreading:

Imagine how a product looks without the final finishing and polishing. Anything without final touch doesn’t look attractive. But proper finishing and polishing give an attractive, shiny look to the product. The same applies here in writing, proofreading, and editing is like polishing your content for a brand-new look. 

Proofreading allows you to notice any grammar mistake, typos break in the flow, missing information, or irrelevant information in the content. Your content will be polished after correction of the above mistakes. There are several interesting ways of proofreading like loud read-out, backward proofreading from end to start, and simple reading. Follow any of the tricks and give your content a final look. 

8: Not Using a Strong Call to Action:

CTA or call to action is crucial to compel the reader to take your desired action. You can not achieve your desired goal of writing a blog post without a call to action. It’s a simple guideline for your reader as to what to do like any affiliate product buying link, or any other blog post related to your content to simply like, comment, and share after reading the whole blog post. 

You can add multiple CTAs through different sections. Whether you are promoting any product, or writing informational content. Always add multiple call-to-action like mentioning links to any other page, adding a buying link, and asking for a subscription on your website. Never leave your reader without a call to action for further necessary action. 

9: Over Use of  Keywords:

According to Ahref’s latest update, this is not a ranking factor now. But we can’t overuse the keywords in our blog posts, as this can make it boring for the reader to see the same words used excessively. 

Always use your keywords naturally according to the flow of content, you can use secondary and LSI keywords instead of your main keyword to avoid overuse. The natural use of keywords makes the content more attractive and professional.

10: Not Promoting Your Post

Finally, one of the most common and biggest mistakes is not promoting your content on social media or another platform to reach out to your target audience. Always promote and share your content on social platforms like, LinkedIn, Facebook, and WhatsApp to reach the target audience. This will keep your audience attached, and waiting for the next article and blog post.

Conclusion Common Writing Mistakes To Avoid:

Writing a well-structured and optimized blog post needs to consider some important factors. You can write an attractive and value-providing blog post by avoiding some basic mistakes which most writers commit. In the article above, I have briefly described 10 common writing mistakes to avoid while writing a blog post.

All you need to do is start with proper research, use simple language, include headings by properly formatting your content, add high-quality optimized images, add call-to-action, avoid overuse of keywords, edit, proofreading before publishing, and finally promote your content on social platforms to reach out your target audience. This will help you to write good research and optimized content for your target audience and provide them with value. Check this article Secrets To Successful Writing for more details on writing good content. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the standard word count of a blog post?

There is no specific limit for the word count, you can extend it according to the topic and details you want to include in the blog post.

How often should a blog post publish?

You need to publish constantly on your blog to show your seriousness to the search engine. The maximum period can be one blog post a week, and the minimum is to post daily. Mostly it depends on the availability of content you have ready for publishing. 

What should be the main focus of the blog post, SEO, or reader’s interest?

Both are necessary, and you can not prioritize one over the other, maintain a balance between both. The best way is to write according to the interest and needs of your target audience and then optimize it for SEO.

How to attract more audience and get traffic to your blog?

You can attract more audience by promoting your content on social platforms and optimizing the content for SEO to get more organic traffic to your website. 


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