5 Best Tools To Detect AI Generated Content

Content writing is not an easy job, it needs a brief research on the topic and an understanding of your target audience to write high-quality content. But sometimes, writers solely rely on Ai generated content without considering the importance of research and other necessary factors that can be harmful to your website. 

Artificial intelligence is very effective in generating content, but there are always possibilities of unnecessary repetitions and false information. As a result, the Ai generated content requires deep analysis and crosschecking to avoid such issues. 

In the article below, we will discover the importance of detecting automated content. Also, we have covered the 5 best tools that are very effective in detecting AI-written content. 

Let’s get started.

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What Is Ai Generated Content:

Ai content is any piece of information, text, image, video, or any other type of content that is created by using artificial intelligence and machine learning. This technology needs human input and bulk data to produce our desired results. 

The advancement of technology has involved artificial intelligence in almost every field, and the same happened with content writing. There are unlimited tools and software available that can write bulk content in seconds. 

Why Is It Important To Detect Ai Generated Content:

AI tools work under human instructions and produce results based on the input given. There are always chances of different issues in content that can harm your reader experience.  There are many reasons you can not solely trust the Ai written content. 

Some of the most common issues of Ai generated content are false information, grammatical mistakes, plagiarism, and unnecessary repetition that can misguide your reader. So, it is necessary to proofread and edit AI-generated content to remove unnecessary things.

Common Issues of AI Generated Content:

Some of the most common issues found in content written with automated tools are listed below 

  • Plagiarism 
  • Copyright issues 
  • Grammar mistakes
  • Unnecessary repetition 
  • Misleading and false information 
  • Lack of creativity 
  • Unnatural flow of content 

What Does Google Says About Ai Generated Content:

Google’s New Update clearly defines that, the appropriate use of AI tools for creating content is not against their terms and conditions until it is used to manipulate and misguide the ranking algorithms. The only thing they want is to provide value and high-quality content.  

It is also mentioned in this update that the content should be original, and high quality which means no plagiarism is allowed. The best way to get better results is to create content with the help of AI tools and then rewrite it to make it more clear and user-friendly. 

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5-Best Tools To Detect Ai-Generated Content:

AI detection tools can be helpful in a situation when you want to ensure the quality of your content or one written by someone else. Here are the best 5 AI detection tools you can use to check how much content is written by automated tools. These can’t be 100% accurate but they can give you an idea if the content is purely human-written or AI-generated.  


Writer is an online tool where content writers can check their content for plagiarism, grammar mistakes, and tone recommendations. A recent addition to its useful features is the AI detector, which is very effective in detecting content that is generated with automated tools.

It has a simple and user-friendly interface for analyzing the content. You can simply paste the URL of your content or paste the whole text you want to analyze and it will show you the percentage of human-written and AI-generated content. 


CopyLeaks has also included an AI detector on its website that is much more accurate than other tools. It is a free tool that effectively indicates and detects any content that is generated with GPT-3 ChatGpt, Bard, or any other Artificial intelligence tool. 

It is easy to use, you can download their official Chrome Extension to access pages you browse by simply using the online feature on the website. CopyLeaks offers many other useful tools like a Plagiarism detector and an AI grader that can assess the educational assessments that may involve the use of AI tools. 

Content at Scale:

Content At Scale is a platform that claims its writing tools are not detectable with any AI detection tools. This statement seems a bit funny, as they also own a tool to detect content that is not written by humans. But, there is something that makes this platform unique.  

Their tool shows scores of human-written content based on some patterns, and predictions. Also, it explains the reason why the tool thinks the content is not human-written. This feature makes it unique from all other AI detection tools, as the tool offers insights into its detection and explains a new way of reviewing content. 


Originality. AI is another useful tool for checking real-time AI-generated content on pages. It is only available in the Chrome extension that works live while you visit any page. This feature makes it stand alone from others, as it doesn’t require any URL or copy-pasting of the content. 

It is available in both free and paid versions. You will be given limited access while using the free version. Some people also say that there are hidden fees for the free version that are deducted when you use the free version. Overall, it is good with its fast speed and accuracy ratio. 

GPT Zero:

GPT Zero is mostly used for education purposes, but it is also a good option for businesses to check AI-generated content. The tool has over 1 million users from across the world who have already used it for the assessment of their content.

The interface is easy to use and looks very similar to Google’s homepage. You can use it by just pasting your content into the box and getting the results in a few seconds. It is a very basic, simple tool to check the originality of your content. 


AI content writing tools are very useful for generating bulk content in a few seconds, but we can’t rely on these tools as they have very basic limitations. Any Ai generated content can have grammar issues, plagiarism, misuse of voice and tone, false information, and unauthenticated sources that can harm your SERP ranking and user experience.

As a professional marketer or content analyzer, it is necessary to detect Ai generated content to avoid Google’s strikes and restrictions. There are many useful tools to detect AI-written content, such as Copyleaks, Orignality.Ai, GPT zero, and Content at Scale. 

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1 . Why do we need to detect content written with AI tools?

It is important to detect content that is written with artificial intelligence tools because it may contain grammar errors, tone issues, wrong voice, plagiarism, and unauthenticated information that can harm your SERP ranking and readers’ experience. 

2 . Can Google detect Ai generated content?

Yeah, of course, Google is intelligent enough to detect and restrict any AI-written content that is not authenticated and can misguide users with false information. Their algorithms have been working for years and are much stronger and more intelligent than in the past. 


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