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How To Make Money Writing For Medium: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you ready to convert your Writing passion into wealth without working finding clients or applying for jobs? if yes, you are in the right place. The best for you is to make money writing for According to the Stats Of 2021, Medium is the 2nd largest hosting platform in the world with almost 700,000 paid subscribers. 

More than 70% of the total writers on the platform earn money from their content. You can make about $100–$300 per month by writing articles on this amazing platform. The article below is a comprehensive guide on how you can utilize your writing passion to earn extra money.

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Introduction To is a dynamic online publishing platform for content writers, founded by Evan Williams in 2012. It is designed to host content for audiences from all around the world and supports different types of content including essays, articles, and stories. has established its authority within a short time and managed to generate a huge audience looking for different types of content. The Platform offers a user-friendly interface for both writers and readers. Publishing content here is simple and one can start writing content by creating an author profile.

How Can You Make Money Writing For

This thriving platform is an amazing opportunity for writers to convert their words into money. As a writer, you can make money writing for Medium with two methods, the partner program and selling your premium content to your email list. Details of both methods are listed below. 

Medium Partner Program:

The primary way of earning here is the Medium partner program. It works with a paid subscription model where the audience pays monthly charges to access premium content on the platform. Medium pays a share of the total subscription amount to the writer participating in the partner program. You as a content writer can increase your earnings by writing engaging and attractive content that brings more audience.

Sell To Your Email Subscribers:

The second way to make money writing for Medium is to build a list of email subscribers. This can help you build a loyal and interested community of readers for your publications. Once you have grown your email list you can sell your content in other formats to them rather than medium.  

Who Can Make Money Writing For

Medium is an open platform for writers from around the globe and with diverse writing backgrounds. You can take steps towards making money by creating your account and continuously publishing high-quality content. Once you have met the criteria of the partner program you can apply and start your earning. 

At the moment medium offers the partner program features in a few selected countries. It is necessary to be a resident of a country whose medium supports earning. Check the  List of Eligible Countries for the partner program.

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Criteria To Make Money Writing For offers the earning features to the members of the partner program only. You have to fulfill the following criteria to join this program and earn money for your publications.

  • You need to have an active account on
  • The number of followers should not be less than 100
  • At least one publishing in the interval of six months 
  • A resident of a country whose partner program supports earning
  • Your age should be 18 years minimum
  • You need to share your tax-paying details with the platform
  • Put your publication behind the Medium paywall 

Best Niches To Make Money Writing For

You can make money writing for Medium for a wide range of different niches. While niche is e, not a success factor, but some niches have great potential and scope on the platform. A few of the most high-performing niches are listed below. 

Money and Finance:

People always look for expert advice on managing their finances and wisely utilizing their money. That’s why articles about financial planning, budgeting, money saving, and investing are popular on the platform. 


Content that provides actionable tips and strategies for personal development, self-help, mental health, and personal improvement is read widely around the world. 

Technology and Gadgets:

How-tos/ review/analysis articles on the latest software, gadgets, and tech trends attract tech enthusiasts to read and build a strong community of loyal readers.

Health and Wellness:

Topics related to health, nutrition, fitness, and well-being are always found as the top query on the internet. Writing for these topics can be beneficial. 

Business and Career:

Articles about job hunting, career development, business ideas, entrepreneurship, and strategies offering advice and insights to the readers can be lucrative and perform well. 


Travelers and other people who love traveling search for travel tips, personal experiences, unfamiliar places, and other travel-related information on the internet. You can focus on them by sharing their required information in your content. 

Family and Parenting:

Family and parenting issues are common problems most people are facing and looking for solutions. Writing articles related to family dynamics, children’s care, and parenting advice can be a good choice to get a wide audience. 

Cooking and Food:

Food is a topic that resonates with almost every one of us. Writing about cultural foods, recipes, and cooking tips and tricks can also perform well and help you to make money writing for

Culture and Lifestyle:

Topics like culture, traditions, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty attract every one of us. You can get better results by targeting these niches.  

Growing Audience On To Make Money With Writing:

Here are a few tips for you to grow your audience within a short time. 

  • Write High-quality and engaging content
  • Stick to a consistent publishing schedule 
  • Use attractive and attention-grabbing headlines 
  • Add the most relevant tags 
  • Engage with readers in the comments section 
  • Promote your content on social media platforms 
  • Start a newsletter by building an email list 
  • Engage with other creator’s content 
  • Incorporate storytelling techniques to resonate with readers emotionally 
  • Keep an eye on the stats and make necessary changes
  • Be patient and consistent 

Conclusion: Make Money Writing For Medium

Making money as a content writer is not a big deal if you have the dedication, consistency, and passion for creating high-quality content. If you are not getting any clients, and want to start a stable side income, writing on Medium is the best way for you to get exposure and make money. 

You can earn a handsome amount by joining the Medium partner program or building an email subscribers list. According to the stats of 2021, medium is the world’s second most popular hosting platform with a total of 700,000 paid subscribers, and about 70% of authors on the platform make money writing for

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FAQs: Make Money Writing For Medium

Does charge money from the writer for publishing their content?

No, it doesn’t charge any amount from writers. Writing content and publishing here is free and costs nothing to the writers.

How does pay the writers for their articles?

The platform offers paid subscriptions for premium content. The platform then pays the writers participating in the partner program from that total subscription amount according to their content’s reading time.

How much time does it take to make money writing for

Earning money from is not a cake on the plate, it’s a long haul. It can take up to one or two years sometimes.


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