Steps To Write A Blog Post: A Comprehensive Guide

Steps To Write A Blog Post: A Full Comprehensive Guide

Writing a blog post based on your experiences, thoughts, or business promotion is the best way of getting the attention of your target audience. As a blogger, it can be tricky for you to write an engaging and attentive blog post. There are some fundamental Steps To Write A Blog Post to follow while writing a blog post. 

Writing a blog post can be tricky for you as a newbie content writer. But a fully comprehensive guide can help you to write a well-described and target audience-based blog post. In the article below, we have summarized the main Steps To Write A Blog Post for you to write effectively. 

What Is A Blog Post?

A blog post is a well-described piece of content or article we publish online on websites. There are many types of blog posts like how-to guides, personal stories, educational blog posts, business articles, product reviews, and affiliate blog posts to promote any specific products. Blog posts can be written in an informal or conversational tone according to the nature of the topic.

This is the best way to create an online community of your target audience and readers. You can engage your audience and readers by writing well-described and engaging content according to their needs and interests. There are some necessary Steps to Write A Blog Post, you should always keep in mind. 

What Are the Necessary Steps To Write A Blog Post:

Select The Topic of Your Blog Post:

In the List of Steps To Write a Blog Post, first and foremost is to select a topic for your blog post. Always select a topic that is related to your blog and can be interesting to your audience. It’s mandatory to keep it within your niche to get better results. 

You can also share your personal experience and tips for your audience in a blog post. Once you have a selected a topic to write about, ensure to describe all the details to give value to your reader. 

Deep Research Your Topic and Target Audience:

After selecting your topic, do proper research and collect all the data and information you want to add. This is the most crucial part of writing a blog post. The more you research, the better you write. Research is a proper skill, and you need to be a critical thinker for better research.

You can search online for related content, look into journals, Academic databases, Journals, and Google Scholar for the best and most authenticated information. Always research the latest information regarding your topic to provide the latest information to your audience. 

Create an Outline for Your Blog Post:

Before starting to write on your topic, it is necessary to create an outline. This will help you to write in a short time and to the point. In this step, you have to select the points you want to write and describe in your blog post. 

Create a table of content for your blog post including the intro, main, body, and conclusion, and write down the main points you want to add in all parts accordingly. This allows you to break down your main topic into sub-topics for effective writing. 

Write Your Blog Post:

After the first 3 Steps To Write a Blog Post, now you are good to go ahead and write your blog post. Start with writing an engaging and compelling introduction to grab the attention of your reader at first sight. The intro should always give an idea of what the blog post is about. 

The next part is the main body. This is the main information hub of your blog post. Write down all information on the topic and described the main points in detail. Ensure to keep it simple and related to the topic. Finally, end your blog post with a conclusion that should be an overall summary of your content. 

Proofread and Edit Your Blog Post:

Once you have completed the writing process, it’s time to proofread your content and edit it. Thoroughly read your blog post and check for any irrelevant info, grammar mistakes, typos, lack of details, and breakdown in the natural flow of information from the intro to the conclusion. 

Proofreading and editing are like the final finish of your content. Ensure your content is error-free and well-described. Read your blog post multiple times to ensure a smooth flow and natural tone according to your topic.

Read this article 10 Common Writing Mistakes To Avoid to know the common writing mistakes and avoid them.

Add Related Visuals and Images:

Images and visuals are necessary to make your content more attractive. This can help you keep the reader interested in reading without being bored with long text. You can also add graphs and charts of states about any specific information or point. 

Make sure to use images of high quality and good resolution. But remember, big-size images can slow down your page speed and affect the viewer experience. To avoid this, select the recommended image size (1024*680) and save it in JPG format. Rename your image with the keyword and optimize for alt tags and size (not more than 350 Kb).

Optimize Your Blog Post For SEO:

It is necessary to optimize your blog post to increase visibility in search engines. Better SEO of content helps search engines to understand what a blog post is about and which keyword it should be tagged. This is the best way to get more organic traffic. 

There are several steps of SEO optimization. This includes the use of Keywords throughout the content, writing a Meta Description, adding Backlinks, and image optimization. Read the article” The Ultimate Check List For SEO Content Writing for a better understanding of SEO.

Publish & Promote Your Blog Post:

Finally, the last step is to publish your blog post on your or your client’s website and promote it. 

By sharing and promoting your content, you can get a chance of immediate visitors from outside the search engine. This is necessary to engage your audience by sharing the link to the published content. 

There are several ways of promoting your content online, the best is to promote it on social media. You can share the link for your blog post on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and, Instagram. Also, promote your blog post on the official accounts of the website. 

Conclusion Step To Write A Blog Post:

Writing a blog post looks like a hard nut to crack for some writers. Especially when we talk about writing optimized content. You can turn it easy by following some Steps To Write a Blog Post. These will help you to save time and create the best content more effectively.

The steps are a simple, straightforward road map to creating well-defined content according to your audience’s interest. These include the Selection of a topic, in-depth research, creating an outline, writing, proofreading, and editing, adding images, optimizing your content for SEO, and publishing and promoting it. 

By following the Steps To Write a Blog Post, you can create content that will attract your readers and will give you positive results. 

FAQs Steps To Write A Blog Post

  1. What is the recommended word count of a blog post?
  • The recommended word count of a blog post depends on the topic and details you want to add. However, a blog post between 800-1500 is ideal to keep the reader engaged.
  1. What is the most important of these steps to writing a blog post?
  • All the steps are equally important to write a good blog post, but the research of the topic and target audience is crucial to understand the needs of your reader and the information to write. 
  1. What are the best resources for online research?
  • You can research from Google Scholar, By reading articles, journals, and other publications available online and get the best information about your topic. 
  1. Why SEO of blog posts is necessary?
  • SEO is the process of optimizing your content for better ranking in search engines. There are some steps to take while optimizing your content like using appropriate 


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