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 What Are The Main 3 Types Of Writing Genres

types of writing genre

Are you a passionate writer eager to explore different writing genres? Understanding the various types of writing genre is essential for satisfying readers’ needs and expanding your literary horizons. In this comprehensive guide, 

we will delve into the three main categories of writing genres: literary, academic, and professional. By the end of this article, you’ll gain valuable insights into each genre and be better equipped to choose the most suitable one for your writing endeavors. 

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Types Of Writing Genre:

We can divide types of genre writing into three main categories.

  1. Literary writing genre
  2. Academic writing genre
  3. Professional writing genre 

Literary Writing and Its Types Of Genre:

Literature is based on common characteristics, themes, styles, or techniques of writing. The literary writing genre is a process of categorizing and classifying literature into its relevant field. 

The type of writing genre helps the readers to read literature in a particular framework of their interests. It also helps the readers and writers to understand different types of literature. It can be divided into the following categories.


The Methodology is a set of collections of myths, legends, and stories which passed down from generation to generation. They are traditional narratives containing stories about gods and goddesses (Greek Mythology), heroes, natural phenomena, and certain human conditions. It also has the element of supernatural force and serves the purpose of moral, religious, and cultural insights.


Poetry is a literary form of writing, that expresses feelings and emotions lyrically. Poets also use figurative language to create depth in their writings.


Fantasy Writing involves imaginative characters and events. It contains magical, supernatural powers or epic quests. It usually explores other worlds having a clash between good and evil. Fantasy type of genre writing is quite famous among children as it contains villains, elves, dwarfs and dragons.


Mystery genre writing has the element of twists and turns, solving puzzles, or finding the missing information. It is just like a detective story with tons of suspense. It explores a variety of themes such as morality, deception, the human capacity for both good and evil, and many more.

Realistic Fiction:

Realistic fiction is based on real events and characters of the world. It does not create dramatic or romantic effects in the story. It explains the social evils or social events prevailing in the society or a particular society.

Historical Fiction:

The historical word refers to history. In historical fiction, renowned historical events are presented by changing minor details like characters’ names and settings. Retelling a historical event motivates the readers and creates critical thinking about it.

Science Fiction:

Science fiction writing revolves around scientific explorations. It may have a variety of themes like exploring space, time travel, futuristic approach, and many more. Generally, this type of genre of writing revolves around the concepts of science like physics, astronomy, etc.


Love stories are the dominant theme of romance novels. Romanticism has been the most popular genre of writing in literature. Romantic genre writing revolves around the love relationship between the characters of the story.


The horror genre of writing creates suspense and tension in the readers. It deals with monsters, zombies, ghosts, psychological trauma, curses, or serial killers.

Autobiography :

An autobiography genre of writing is where a person writes about his/her own life, experiences, and personal journey. It is written in the first person, presenting the author’s thoughts, feelings, and perspectives on life. 


A biography is written by another person, as we read the biographies of celebrities written by different authors. It helps the readers to know about famous people and the particular situations through which they survived. 


Fables is a genre of writing which conveys a moral lesson through inanimate objects, animals, or plants. They are short. Mostly famous among children. For example, A thirsty crow, A tiger, and a fox, etc.

Folk Tales:

Folk tales are stories that are rooted in a particular society or culture to present their beliefs or morals. They are passed down from generation to generation. Typically, they are transmitted orally, but now we can trace them into a written form also.

Long tales:

Tall tales serve the purpose of entertainment. In it, the characters are shown as larger than life. They are more powerful.


Informational genre writing contains facts and figures to add value to readers’ lives. It may also have graphs and demographics to support its points.

Academic Writing Genre and Types Of Genre:

Another type of genre writing is academic genre writing, which is written in the third person. It follows a formal style of writing containing clarity, coherence, and conciseness. Proper citation is also provided in it. All the paragraphs must have proper transitional devices to present ideas clearly. It has different types which are as follows;


Writing an idea or thought coherently and concisely in the form of paragraphs is called an essay. An essay has three parts: beginning, middle, and end. Each part is supported with details and examples.


A thesis is written for a master’s degree program. It is written by the student using typical technical language as per the need of a degree.


A dissertation is a type of academic genre written by a student of doctoral level. It is longer than a thesis and also contains technical language, which may vary from institution to institution.


Reports are written documents that provide specific information about a particular context. Reports are written for businesses, governmental issues, recommendations, etc. They are written in formal language and style.

Research Papers:

Research papers are written in-depth on a particular topic. It collects the data and analyzes it through different methods, providing in-depth study.

Types of Professional Writing Genre:

A professional genre of writing is associated with professional writers who perform it as their job or service. Professional writers create a variety of content such as newspaper articles, websites, social media posts, and sometimes academic texts also. Its purpose is not only to entertain the readers but also to educate them.

The professional writing genre is typically associated with businesses. It involves high-quality content with a spice of professionalism.

Below are some examples of professional genre writing.

Business letters:

A business letter is written to convey information about a business. These letters are highly professional, following a particular format like the name of the sender, recipient, and salutation. 

The body of the letter is written in balanced paragraphs. Its purpose is to focus on getting leads and generating more income through business deals.


Email writing is getting popular nowadays as electronic media is progressing too. All private and government organizations prefer to send emails. It is also written in a proper style and format.

Resume / Cover letters:

It is a piece of paper that has all the relevant details about a person who wants to apply for a job. All the details must be appropriate about the job that a person wants to apply for. A cover letter is also attached to enhance the chances of getting hired.


Newsletters are used to enhance the credibility and authenticity of a business. It also engages more of the audience. To hook your audience, the newsletter must be short, concise, and crisp.


Memo writing is an art that needs professionalism. It is short and to the point. As it is being used within the organization.

Meeting minutes:

Every organization arranges meetings around the corner. Before meetings, some points are jotted down that the authorities want to discuss with their employees. This is called a meeting agenda.

When these discussed points are floated during the meeting, all participants present their opinions. Now a person is there to write down those points too. These points are called meeting minutes. Which helps in taking decisions that are beneficial for the company and employees both

Conclusion: Types Of Writing Genre

Writers use different types of writing genres knowingly or unknowingly. As a writer, it is easy for you now to select your favorite type of writing genre, keeping in mind your audience. 

Types of writing genres are not only informative but also educative. They serve many purposes at different levels. Visit our website Writecrazy for learning content writing and making a good income by offering services online as a content writer. 

FAQ: Types Of Writing Genre

  • Can a single work of literature belong to multiple types of genre writing?

Yes, they do because writers use multiple types of genre writing in a single piece of literary work.

  • How are genres helpful for the readers?

Types of genre writings are helpful as they help readers to analyze and understand the literature. It also provides wider prospects of life to the readers.

  • Are fiction and non-fiction writing genres the same?

They are not the same as fiction deals with stories that are not based on real events or people. On the other hand, non-fiction stories are based on real events or people.


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